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Weather Adventures
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It's Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day by looking at some of the many amazing landscapes on our planet.

a globe and a bird.

It's Spring!

What causes the seasons?

an spring scene outdoors.

Polar Vortex?

What is it and why does it make things so cold?

Cartoon of a very chilly looking U.S. capital building.

Play Spectrix!

How many GOES-R data products can you create?

illustration of the Earth with may color bars and a satellite overhead.

What is a derecho?

And why are they so destructive?

derecho destruction

What causes lightning and thunder?

And how can I stay safe?

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What causes a rainbow?

How can I be in the right place at the right time to see them?

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Play Whirlwind Disaster!

And find out how hurricanes form.

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What is space weather?

How does weather on the Sun affect us?

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Coast Guard Day

Can weather satellites help the Coast Guard in their search and rescue efforts?

coast guard day background image


September 21st is the fall equinox. What is an equinox and how does Earth's tilt cause it?

Image of Earths rotation around the Sun.

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